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Tottori University Hospital > Index of Department > Reconstructive/ Plastic Surgery

Index of Department

Reconstructive/ Plastic Surgery

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  • Head of division
    Satoshi Nakayama
We provide treatment to improve quality of life.Please consult us for intractable wounds.

The Reconstructive/Plastic Surgery Division is a part of surgical medicine treating various tissue deficit and deformation such as burn, reconstruction after removal of malignant tumor, trauma, scar contracture, intractable ulcer, bedsore, various congenital anomaly, and benign tumor from esthetic and functional perspectives. We try to provide high-quality medicine so that the patient can "live better."

A scene of microsurgery

Fields of expertise

  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery(surgical treatments for congenital and acquired morphologic deformation)
  • Cervicofacial reconstructive surgery (surgical treatments for skin, bones, tissue deficit in the face)
  • Facial nerves surgery (surgical treatments for facial nerve palsy)
  • Breast reconstruction surgery (breast deficit or deformation results from breast cancer or mammary gland disease)
  • Surgery for vascular anomaly (surgical treatments for hemangioma and vascular anomaly)
  • Prevention and treatment of pressure sores (diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of pressure sores)
  • Surgical wound care (treatment for intractable wounds)

Diseases of interests

  • Burn injury
  • Wounds and scars on the skin (especially on the face)
  • Congenital malformation
  • Boil on the skin
  • Vascular anomaly
  • Reconstruction of the face and breast
  • Scar contracture, keloid
  • Pressure sore
  • Intractable ulcer
  • Complications associated with artificial material
  • Facial nerve palsy
  • Ptosis

Principal treatment

  • Reconstructive surgical treatment in each area of every field
  • Microvascular anastomosis
  • Surgical treatment for pressure sores and intractable wounds
  • Negative-pressure wound therapy by the VAC system
  • Conservative and surgical treatment for keloid/ hypertrophic scar
  • Diagnosis and treatment of critical limb ischemia
  • Surgery for microtia or accessory auricle
  • Umbilical hernia
  • Reconstructive mammaplasty

Principal tests

  • Percutaneous oxygen partial pressure measurement
  • Body pressure measurement
  • Doppler blood flow meter
  • Examination of the levator palpebrae
  • Measurement of skin perfusion pressure