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Index of Department

Division of Nursing

Division of Nursing

Division of Nursing1 Division of Nursing2

[Philosophy of the Division of Nursing]

  1. Provide patient-centric safe and secure nursing.
  2. Provide nursing care that can respond to changes and advances in the medical field.
  3. Exhibit leadership characteristics and contribute to the improvements in nursing.
  4. Nurture excellent next-generation nurses and thereby contribute to the well-being of local residents.

[Nursing System]

  1. 7:1 Nursing system, 50: 1 Emergency nursing aid system
  2. PPC system (patient is transferred to a ward depending on the severity of illness)
  3. Centralized nursing for wards and outpatient divisions (Same nursing unit has authority over the in and outpatients.)
  4. System for selecting 2 / 3 night shifts (there is also a system for early shift, late shift, and exceptions)
  5. Nursing modality (fixed team nursing /continuous in-charge system)
  6. Tottori University patient participation type nursing (minor system)
  7. Toririn Partnership Nursing System
  8. Relief system (mutual support system of each nursing unit)