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Index of Department



  • Head of division
    Osamu Yamamoto
We put emphasis on optimal treatment based on precise diagnosis.

We have doctors with rich experiences dealing with skin tumor. We put emphasis on skin tumors that are common in an aged society such as the San-in region. We believe that our histopathological diagnosis that is necessary for diagnosis of many skin diseases is top level in Japan. For outpatient service, we use an appointment system; in particular, we try to see new patients reserved by facsimile within the designated time.

Fields of expertise

Treatment of dermatological surgery, dermatological diagnosis (histopathological work-up, fluorescent antibody test, immunohistochemical examination), medical care for phacomatosis, skin manifestations caused by visceral malignancy (dermadrome), infective disease (fungus infection, nontuberculous mycobacterial infection), diagnosis of skin disorders associated with medicinal substances (drug eruption)

Diseases of interests

Skin cancer, skin tumor, nevus and phacomatosis, dermadrome, skin infection, autoimmune disease (bullosa, alopecia, connective tissue disease), keratosis including psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, drug eruption, and other general skin diseases (excluding burn injury)

Principal treatment

Oral treatment, external application treatment, cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen cryotherapy), electrocoagulation, phototherapy (PUVA therapy, Goeckerman treatment), treatment with biologic products for psoriasis, surgical treatment/local skin flap/ free skin grafting for malignant/benign skin tumor, treatment using super-elastic wire for acronyx (self-pay), chemotherapy for malignant skin tumor, radiation treatment for malignant skin tumor, immunotherapy and steroid pulse therapy for alopecia areata, and other general dermatological treatments

Principal tests

Dermoscopy, histopathological work-up(including fluorescent antibody test, immunohistochemical examination), electronic microscopy, examination of fungus (direct microscopy, fungal culture), bacteria test (cultivation, molecular biological diagnostic method, etc.), imaging test (echography, CT scan, MRI, PET-CT scan), patch test (allergy test), photosensitivity test, sentinel lymph node biopsy