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Index of Department




Outpatient clinic

Regarding hospitalized patients in our hospital, it is the policy of the hospital to provide oral care for early postoperative ambulation and let patients get back to work as soon as possible after the treatment. The oral care team of our division takes care of all oral care such as mouth ulcer due to ICU, diabetes, or anticancer drug, in collaboration with nurses and the palliative care team, crossing boundaries and achieving good results.

Principal tests

  • Maxillomandibular joint endoscopy
  • Diagnostic examination of maxillomandibular function(Bio-PAK)
  • Measurement of occlusal force (Dental Prescale Occluzer)
  • Examination of nasopharyngeal function (flow-nasality graph, fiberscope)
  • Multipurpose measurement by the reconstitution of CT images (SIMPLANT)
  • Submandibular-cervical echo


  • Head of division
     Takeshi Imamura

We provide general pharmacotherapy for common diseases such as adult diseases. In other words, we treat diseases that do not require special techniques for diagnosis, that can be diagnosed with physical examination and general tests, and the therapeutic effects of whose treatments can be evaluated by general tests, with appropriate prescription, and meticulous efficacy evaluation based on the characteristics of drugs and using information of drug-drug interaction and side effects. In particular, together with specialists, we follow patients with multiple chronic diseases such as hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, obesity, hyperuricemia, and chronic liver disease that require combination chemotherapy. Please do not hesitate to ask us about the drug.

Field of expertise

For successful long-term control of chronic diseases, in addition to diet and exercise, it is important to select the best drug for each patient to obtain maximum efficacy and safety. To achieve this, we adjust drugs using measurement and simulation of the blood level, and always check not only the controllers but also interaction with other drugs used occasionally such as drugs for colds or enterogastritis, providing treatment as specialists of pharmacotherapy.

Disease of interest

  • Adult diseases (high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, obesity, and hyperuricemia, especially multiple diseases)
  • Chronic liver disease
  • Digestive disease (When regular drugs cannot be administered, use of Chinese herbal medicine therapy can be considered.)
  • Nicotine dependence (Smoking habit is a disease.)
  • Drug allergy
  • Specialized outpatient wards
  • Drug Outpatient Ward

Patients on many drugs for many diseases and patients that add other drugs for acute diseases often worry about drug-drug interaction. We provide consulting services for this type of concern/anxiety about drugs in collaboration with specialists in each department, and also for drug-related questions and clinical-trial-related questions. It has been reported that not only functionalized foods and supplements but also juice can decrease drug efficacy or even cause adverse effects. When a drug effect suddenly changes, we help to identify the cause. Also, when symptoms suspected to be side effects of drugs appear, we help in identifying the causative drugs or identifying highly probable drugs.

Smoking Cessation Outpatient Ward
Since not only smoking but also passive smoking can affect health, some countermeasures have been taken; however, it seems difficult to stop smoking. We treat these patients with nicotine dependence under coverage of health insurance. In addition to advices adapted for each patient, we provide smoking-cessation aids such as the nicotine patch, obtaining good results.

Digestive Organ Kampo Outpatient Ward (Fridays)

We provide a consulting service regarding Kampo therapy for digestive disorders in collaboration with clinical professors in Yonago City.