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Index of Department

Clinical Genetics

Clinical Genetics


  • Head of division
     Yoshihiro Maegaki
We provide genetic counseling/diagnosis for people who have genetic concerns.

Our division is one of only 104 facilities in Japan that are specialized for genetic medicine. We provide genetic diagnosis and prenatal diagnosis for many genetic diseases such as nervous disease, inherited metabolic diseases, cancer, heart disease, and hearing loss. Also, to deal with concern/anxiety of families/relatives about these genetic diseases, we provide genetic counseling together with clinical geneticists, experts such as certified genetic counselors, and specialists in clinical psychology.

Diseases of interests

Chromosome abnormality, general hereditary disease ( nerve, muscle, heart, etc. )
Congenital metabolic disorder, familial tumor, first cousins marrying, advanced maternal age pregnancy, other problems accompanied with heredity. Families and relatives who suffer from hereditary problems.

Principal tests/ Fields of expertise

  • Gene diagnosis (It is useful for many kinds of hereditary disease)
  • Prenatal diagnosis
  • Genetic counseling