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Index of Department




  • Head of department
    Yoshihisa Umekita
We aim to provide a high-quality pathology service and contribute to team medicine.

We put the Department of Pathology and Pathological Departments in the School of Medicine (Organ Pathology, Molecular Pathology, and Neuropathology) together to create a pathology system. By doing so, we try to provide high-quality diagnosis for each organ and management of precision, leading to better medicine. Also, we established a Clinical Division and Pathological Explanation Ward with the intention of contributing to medicine that patients appreciate.

Field of expertise

In addition to regular pathology tasks, our division is positioned as a major facility for education of students in the Department of Medicine and Health Sciences and also for training/research of graduate students to obtain pathologist certification. One of the characteristics of our division is that we have a Pathological Explanation Ward, which are very few in number in Japan. In the Pathological Explanation Ward, pathologists comprehensively explain the results of pathological diagnosis to patients and their families, playing a role in team medicine. Another characteristic is that the Neuropathology Division was the first division of its kind in Japan, established based on the long history of Tottori University in the field of cerebral nerve pathology. In collaboration with the Department of Neurology, Neuropediatrics, Clinical Genetics, and Center for Promoting Next-Generation Highly Advanced Medicine, we provide high-quality pathological diagnosis and pathological explanation (for outpatients) for intractable nervous diseases.

Job description

  • Pathohistological diagnosis
  • Outpatient consultation for explanation of pathological state
  • Contract service for immunostaining
  • Cell diagnosis
  • Intraoperative rapid diagnosis
  • Pathologicoanatomical and clinicopathological conference
  • Pathology conference with related clinical departments
  • Telepathology
  • Clinical training (Department of Medicine , Department of Health Science)

Characteristic medical devices etc.

  1. Automated immunohistochemistry stainer
  2. Autotissue processor
  3. Automatic dyeing apparatus
  4. Automated blood smearing instrument
  5. Discussion microscope, conference room (with 70-inch screen display apparatus)
  6. Telepathologic system with virtual slide imaging
  7. Pathologic database system
  8. Dissection room and related facilities